About Eric

About Eric

Eric Lam

Thermal Performance Assessor, Sydney

Eric's experience

Eric is our specialist Thermal Performance Assessor and has worked with Floyd Energy® since 2009, and works from our Sydney office.

He has an extensive working background in buildings and sustainability having worked within the architecture industry for many years in drafting design, 3-d illustration and sustainability design to meet the NSW Councils’ requirement. He has worked as an assessor since HMB (House energy rating Management Body) in 2001, and has experience the Sustainability Council changes in different stages of environmental sustainability legislation.

He is a qualified NZCD (Arch) and an Accredited Assessor.

Eric is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

"I enjoy helping clients understand the importance of having a house design with maximum thermal comfort for heating and cooling to lower the energy consumption that, in turn, lowers greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere."

"I also like advising how to smartly use the available natural resources to obtain good natural ventilation, choosing building materials with high efficiency in thermal mass, and understanding design and orientation to optimise heating and cooling."

Why do you care about building sustainability?

"Because living in a comfortable house without using too much of the old industrial systems will lower clients energy running cost annually. Environmentally sustainable, natural resources allows the occupant to live a healthy and comfortable life. I like educating people how important the design phase is as it can predict if the proposed building project will have good solar assessment throughout the year."

One tip you’d give on sustainability:

"To live simply.


畢業于紐西蘭UNITEC 大學,获取建筑絵图文凭。

工作经歴: 曾经在雪梨的建筑公司工作九年,工作范围包括: 絵图設計,电脑三维制作,及按市政府要求作环境可持续发展設計。

在2001年,获取HMB(House Energy Management Body) 资格,并任职为評詁員。

在2009年至現在,仼职于Floyd Energy Pty Ltd, 职务为: 环境可持续发展評詁員。


— 帮助客人了解房宇热能预測,有效地减低二氧化碳排放,并有利于环保。





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