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Request an energy report quote

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If your residential or commercial building is in the pre-planning stages, fill in the form and we’ll send you a quote for a 6+ star compliant building.

At Floyd Energy® we pride ourselves on assessing your design and/or plan with accuracy. We look beyond giving you a report for a compliant building, but one that reduces energy costs and increases occupier comfort.

Our team are qualified Thermal Performance Assessors in all Australian legislation (NatHERS, BASIX, BESS, Section J, Alterations & Additions, ESD and WSUD) as well as having extensive building industry experience.

If you’d like to chat before sending us your building design details, or you would like to consult with us on building sustainably, go to our contact page or call us on (61 3) 9135 0300.

If you’d prefer to email us your details and attachments:

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Please allow 24 – 48 hours for your Energy Rating quote.

If you’re using this form for a Cost Variation and your plans or requirements differ to that already supplied for the fee proposal, a variation to cost will be issued. No work will be performed without your acceptance of this variation.

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