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How to know if your energy rating report is correct?

17 Oct 2017 | by Floyd Energy

Have you ever received an energy rating report that didn’t read quite right? How would you actually know if the advice you've paid for is correct or not?

Floyd Energy® is often sought for a second opinion on an energy rating report completed by a different assessment company. One recent case was when we were contacted by a developer who was having trouble sourcing the windows recommended by an energy assessor for their unit development to comply with the 6 star minimum energy rating.

The client was also expecting a lower, more cost effective specification from the review and were surprised by the extent of double glazing recommended in the original report.

It didn’t take long before we determined the original assessor had not only chosen the wrong type of window frames and glazing, they were not suitable for the design or, indeed, available for a residential building in this State.

And, when the correct and available window type and glazing was used, the energy rating of 6 stars dropped to an uncompliant 5.4 stars.

So not only were the windows not available, the rating would have resulted in an uncompliant building development, and homes that would have delivered poor energy savings and comfort for the eventual occupiers.

Unfortunately, choosing incorrect windows and building material for an energy assessment is not uncommon.

What we often see is Energy Rating Assessors (also known as Thermal Performance Assessors or TPAs) choosing materials (windows, flooring, etc.) to get a 6 star energy rating rather than considering how their client (you) will source and build with their chosen materials; let alone consideration for actual energy savings and sustainability or occupier wellbeing.

But, they’ve done their job! Well, according to a software program, that is, that’s given your building the necessary energy rating to get your permit. So all good; right?

Not really, as dissatisfied home owners are increasingly resorting to litigation to resolve non-compliant materials and buildings.

How do you ensure you get an energy rating report that gives you an energy efficient building?

Unfortunately, not all energy rating businesses are created equal and whilst assessors should have appropriate qualifications, in an only partially regulated industry, not all comply.

Then there’s building industry expertise and knowledge. Theory to obtain a qualification is never quite the same as also having practical working experience of the building industry.

  1. Our Thermal Performance Assessors all understand that whether it’s a commercial or residential building, an energy rating assessment must start by choosing generic building material and then upgrading the materials’ specifications to deliver the 6 star minimum rating (required for residential building permits across most of Australia).
  2. We then suggest you visit showrooms to see for yourself what materials you would like to use in your development or design and ask: Would you be happy to have this in your home (or office,  complex, etc.)?
  3. It’s also important to ensure what you’re looking at (in the showroom) is what you’ll actually receive– not dissimilar to buying a car, ensure what you’re looking at aren’t the “optional extras”.
  4. Once your building material choices have been finalised, our energy assessors will update your energy rating report with your choice/s and ensure the 6 star minimum rating is still achieved.

So, as you can see, getting an energy rating is more than simply inputting data into a software program until the right rating appears. This is not a computer game, it’s about understanding the science of design, the materials needed and how the building’s space will be used. It is only then your home or building will get a compliant 6 star rating, as well one that can be built, deliver long term savings and is comfortable for its occupants.

A result we believe all in the building industry should aspire.

For more information about how Floyd Energy® can help with all your home and building energy rating requirements, contact us today. Or, if you're ready to get started, head straight to the energy rating quote request form.

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