About Kristin

About Kristin

Kristin Rurade

Senior Thermal Performance Assessor & Production Manager

Kristin's experience

Kristin started at Floyd Energy® in March 2013 after a background working in interior decoration and design, and architectural drafting.

In 2005 she commenced working towards qualifications in building thermal performance with qualifications in Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment, specifically accredited in AccuRate and BERS Pro. Kristin is also a BDAV and BASIX Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor.

Kristin enjoys good design, both from an aesthetic point of view and as part of caring for the environment. She understands there are many considerations that go into a building’s design, including thermal performance.

She enjoys her work with Floyd Energy® in assessing building developments and providing people with cost effective ways to meet requirements. She especially enjoys helping clients understand the thermal considerations of their dwelling.

Sustainability tip:

“Think about the design of your building and the layout of rooms in relation to climate, from concept stage. It is much easier for a building to meet energy rating requirements if the climate has been considered from the very beginning.”

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