About Richard

About Richard

Richard Stedwell

Associate Building & House Energy Assessor

Richard's experience

Richard has been a Building and House Energy Rating Assessor with Floyd Energy® since 2010 and brought with him experience as a registered building surveyor and a building inspector with the Victorian Building Authority.

He has a Bachelor of Technology (Building Surveying) and Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment and has been assessing energy ratings since 2008.

What do you enjoy about helping clients?

"I like helping clients achieve the required energy rating on complicated houses and renovations, so they can build the house they want without major changes."

Why do you care about energy ratings?

"I care about doing high quality energy ratings for buildings as as it can be a minefield to the inexperienced person. I care about clients and guiding them through the process, whilst educating them on the benefits of the scheme for not only the environment, but for the occupants’ cost of savings and comfort."

One tip you’d give on building sustainability:

"To really consider the shape of the house."

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