About Wayne

About Wayne

Wayne Floyd

Managing Director

Senior Building Thermal Performance Assessor
Building Sustainability Consultant

"Who is the ultimate client of the energy rating? It is actually the occupier of the home that needs to be the primary focus as they are the ones who have to live with the decisions of the house energy rating report."

Wayne's experience

With 30 years’ experience in the building materials sector, specialising in windows and glass, two of the key components in obtaining a thermally efficient building, Wayne has virtually written the book on building energy rating.

Throughout his years he has innovated strategy and tactics to improve building design and ratings that most assessors don’t know that help architects, designers and builders build sustainable homes and buildings that deliver long term savings and comfort.

With his Floyd Energy® team, he is committed to delivering high quality ratings, a complete regulatory service, and a complete energy efficiency service for the Australian building industry.

Wayne founded Floyd Energy® in 2001, advising the industry how to design for thermal comfort and energy savings long before Australian legislation.

Wayne was Chairman of the Australian Building Sustainability Association (ABSA) 2007 to 2009, presents regularly to industry associations, and has represented assessors in many state and federal government forums.

He continues to be a sought after expert in the Building Sustainability industry and Government projects.

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